lyamungo was one of the earliest coffee farms in the region and showcases some of the first coffee varieties in tanzania.

Altitude: 1153 – 1317 Meters above sea level

Longitude: E037.15.447

Latitude: S03.14.859

Average Production: 2,716 bags

Harvest Months: April – November

Shipping Months: July – December

Dry Method: 80% Sun dried, 20 % Slack combustion silo

Area of Production: 163.35 Hectares

Preparation: Washed

Varieties: Bourbon, Kent, N39, KP, F6

Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ

Cup Profile: Intense fragrance with a beautiful floral aroma and flavor hints of citrus fruits. It is a very balanced coffee with juicy acidity and a long aftertaste.