Place is the single most important factor in determining how good coffee can be.

As with wine, soil, elevation, precipitation and climate all work together to define coffee's potential quality.

Oro Molido's farms in Columbia and Tanzania are in some of the world's finest growing regions for arabic coffee and, due to our proximity to the equator, we actually enjoy two harvest seasons that allow for fresh coffee production year round.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Not only does it protect the environment that is essential to our coffee, it guarantees economic stability and social support to the communities that depend on our farms.

We are proud to be certified as:

Rainforest Alliance, FLO, 4C, Utz, C.A.F.E. Practices



Colombia is our home.

Colombia is one of the most environmentally diverse regions in the world. It has carribean beaches framed by snow capped mountains, tropical jungles blanketing lush mountains and arid valleys.

Our Farms are in the mountains of Antioquia and Sierra Nevada. They sit at the perfect elevations for fine arabica coffee and are on the forested slopes of mineral rich extinct volcanos.


Tanzania is _______________.

Our farms in Tanzania are on the mineral rich high mesas surrounding Mt. Kilimanjaro and use a combination of state of the art irrigation and natural shading from trees to produce the best possible growing conditions for specialty arabica coffee.