Vista de Nieve

On the slopes of the Sierra Nevada’s, rising above the carribean sea, Vista De Nieve was originally founded as a coffee farm by Orlando Flye, an American from Cincinnati who was instrumental in developing the cultivation of coffee in Colombia.

Location: Sierra Nevada - Santa Marta, Magdalena   

Elevation: Ranging 1300–1500 mts / 4250-4900ft                


- Species: Arabica

- Variety: Tipica, Caturra     

Dryness type: Slack combustion silo (50%) - Sun dried (50%)

Preparation: Europe Type

Volume: 18,000k green beans, September – December 80%, April – June 20%

Cup Profile: 

- Sweet notes of vanilla and almonds with spicy notes

- Flavor and pleasant aftertaste lingering with caramel

- Medium acidity